collingwood backpackers

- Everything is just minutes away


With a maximum of 40 guests we provide unique, but affordable, accommodation and only 10 minutes from the City of Melbourne.


Our Hostel has been best described by a previous guest as follows . . . .

'Set in the midst of the coffee and cake fuelled scene that is Collingwood, Collingwood Backpackers is typically laid back and easy going. Its staggering distance from the popular and vibrant Brunswick street, with copius bars, live music events and atmosphere galore. A short tram ride is all it takes before you are in the depths of Melbourne city centre with shops and bars galore. Collingwood Backpackers does not cater for the 'mad fer it' backpacker but prefers to detach itself from the lets get pissed and then puke everywhere scene, instead opting for a much more relaxed approach with most of its residents choosing to stay for a few weeks rather than a couple of nights, altogether making it feel more like a home from home. As such of course it doesn't have the clinical feeling of many of the other backpacker hostels and there are only nine bedrooms in total. It is well used, so don't come here expecting a palace, it is the environment, the location and the people that sell this hostel not how it looks, don't expect power showers and a bleached kitchen and you won't be disappointed.'


You are welcome to stay a few nights

and try us out.



†††† and only 5 minutes to everything

†††† thatís Melbourne.

To contact us:

phone: (aus) 04208 04208


137-139 Johnston Street Collingwood Melbourne Victoria Australia